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ChatGPT prompting 101

ChatGPT prompting 101

ChatGPT can be a great study assistant, but the responses you get are only as good as the input you provide. Keep these four tips in mind to craft great ChatGPT prompts:

  • Give ChatGPT a role to play
  • Be precise and provide context
  • Avoid bias
  • Test and improve your prompts

ChatGPT prompts


100% ethical ChatGPT prompts

Write a research question

  • Generate three possible research questions for an argumentative high school essay on the following topic: “The long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Brainstorm topic ideas

  • Generate 10 questions to help me brainstorm topics for my college admission essay.

Quiz yourself

  • I’m learning about [insert topic here]. Please create a practice test with 4 multiple-choice questions, each with 4 possible answers and solutions (show the solutions separately under the multiple-choice test).

Learn by metaphors and stories

  • I ‘m learning about [insert topic here]. Convert the key lessons from this topic into engaging stories and metaphors to aid my memorization.

Find limitations

  • What are some common limitations or critiques of research in the field of [insert topic here]?

Learn about a topic

  • I want to learn about [insert topic here]. Identify and share the most important 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me understand 80% of it. Explain [insert topic here] to me without jargon and buzzwords, in the most simplified way possible.

Source recommendations

  • What types of sources can I use to write an essay on the following research question? “[insert research question here]?”

Overview of arguments

  • What are the main arguments or debates in the literature on [insert topic here]?

Develop an outline

  • Develop an outline for an argumentative high school essay with the following research question: “[insert research question here]?”The essay will be about 4 pages long.

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Universities’ policies on AI


Universities’ policies on AI

Based on our analysis of the top 100 US universities, it appears that the majority haven’t established clear-cut regulations concerning AI tools at this time. As a result, it is up to individual professors to determine what is permissible in their respective courses.

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Scribbr's stance on AI


Scribbr's stance on AI

We think educators should be open to the possibilities presented by AI-powered tools. Students should employ these tools in an honest and responsible way, using them to facilitate learning rather than to skip steps in the learning process.

You can use such tools in a responsible way that benefits your education during the research and writing process by relying on them for the following:

  • Brainstorming and explore topics in an interactive way
  • Assisting with programming and coding
  • Developing research questions and paper outlines
  • Asking for feedback on your own writing

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