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Bulletin Board or Forum Programs

A bulletin board or forum is an electronic message center. Most bulletin boards serve specific interest groups. They allow you to review messages left by others, and leave your own message if you want to.

phpBB is a free bulletin board (forum) program written in PHP using a mySQL database. When phpBB is installed on the same server as AShop Deluxe, each product can optionally be associated with a phpBB discussion group. When someone buys the product, they will automatically be added to the corresponding group within phpBB and an email with the phpBB username, password and link to phpBB is sent to the customer.

Note that due to it's popularity, phpBB has become a target for hackers. To avoid being hacked through phpBB, always keep phpBB updated to the latest version.

punBB is a free bulletin board program written in PHP using a mySQL database. PunBB seems to be less prone to hacking than phpBB. AShop Deluxe does not yet integrate with punBB.

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