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An autoresponder replies to incoming mail with a canned (pre-defined) message.

Benefits of using autoresponders


Immediate confirmation 24/7 that the message has been received.


It serves as a follow-up reminder.


The message can provide a contact link.


The message can provide a link to your website.


Information can be dispensed automatically, saving you time.

Here are just a few of the many ways that autoresponders can be used:

Follow-up On Sales - Enhance your customer service by sending a thank you message after the sale.

Up Sell Products or Services - Offer additional items or upgrades to the product or service that was purchased.

Dispense Information - Build a mailing list, while providing useful information to your customers.

AShop Web Hosting plans include unlimited autoresponders that send a message in direct response to a message received. In our web hosting plans , autoresponders can be added to any email box or forwarding address.

Programmable Autoresponder
A programmable autoresponder is a program that sends predefined messages at scheduled intervals. The autoresponse program begins upon receipt of an email message or shopping cart order*. A programmable autoresponder is not included with our web hosting plans, but can be added for an additional cost.
*AShop Deluxe integrates to AutoResponse Plus, a commercial programmable autoresponder application. Any number of follow-up autoresponders can be created within AutoResponse Plus. Each product within AShop Deluxe can be set to trigger a specific autoresponder within AutoResponse Plus.

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