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Web Page Design & Navigation

Attractive web pages with easy navigation are critical to the success of a commercial website.

Do-It-Your Self or Hire A Web Designer?
If you have the time and desire to design and manage your own web pages, you will need to first get an HTML editor program such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or HotDog. If you are a quick study, it may only take a few months before you can produce marginally adequate web pages. For most serious business people, the time that it takes to acquire web design skills is a diversion from their real goal, which is marketing of their products or services. For others, working with the web site design is a fun way to be personally involved in the creation of your web site. Whether you have a professional design or do-it-yourself, it helps to know some basic web site design guidelines.

An Easy, Fun, And FAST Way To Master Dreamweaver Basics Without Cracking A Book!

Here is an alternative to Dreamweaver, which may be easier for novices to use.

Overall design guidelines

Balance, Unity and Variety - The web pages should maintain a consistent theme, which emphasizes your identity. At the same time, there needs to be enough variety to keep things interesting. Choose a logo, stick with it, and use it throughout your site. Use variations of your logo as needed to fit into the context of each page, but keep the basic logo design consistent.

Support The Message - A tasteful balance of visual aesthetics will enhance the message without overpowering it. Weird fonts, bizarre punctuation, moving objects, or too many colors can call attention to themselves and distract your visitors.

Appropriate Design Theme - Choose a design theme that's appropriate for the message you're trying to convey. What's good design for a real estate company's website may be wrong for a site that sells skateboards.

User Friendly Navigation - A good navigation system is consistent from page to page. The most important links should be placed in prominent locations. If graphics are used for links, they need to clearly identify their purpose. Text links should always be included.

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