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Developing Text Content

Good search engine rankings are a top priority for most ecommerce web sites. The ease or difficulty of achieving good search engine placement typically depends on the number of web sites that are competing for the same keyword placement and how well your competitor's web sites are optimized for search engines. There are other factors such as link popularity, but that is another subject. In any case, the more relevant content that you have on your site, the better your chances are of being found. Increasing the amount of relevant content increases your search engine exposure, especially if it is optimized for search engine keyword ranking .

Writing Effective Copy - Once people reach your web site, you want to keep their interest and draw them in further. You need to write strong, persuasive copy and create attractive, effective visuals. You should almost always do most of the writing before designing the web pages.

Many experts cite the AIDA formula: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This is expanded here to ten points.


Catches the reader's attention with something relevant


Addresses the reader's fears, anxieties, and/or aspirations


Offers to solve the reader's problem, in the most specific terms possible


Stresses specific benefits to the user - not the features that lead to those benefits


Shows the consequences of a failure to act


Provides the reader with a chance to acquire something of clear value - but (according to most theories) only for a limited time


Pulls the reader toward an immediate action step


Includes solid, substantial validation of your claim by someone else (a customer, an expert)


Backs up claims with comparisons to competitors


Provides the necessary order form or contact information to allow the reader to move forward.

Optimize Content - After writing your text content, we recommend that you optimize it for best search engine indexing. This can be a tricky task. Many times the best keyword optimization negatively affects readability. Usually it takes some juggling of the words to achieve a good balance.

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