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Reliable Web Hosting - Business Software - Web Site Development - Technical Assistance

Web Hosting Plans Include...

  • Fast and Reliable Linux Web Hosting Service
  • 24/7/365Server Monitoring and Attendance
  • Automated Site Backup
  • Plesk Server Administrator for online access to every function of your web site
  • Unlimited Mailboxes and Databases* (*all plans except the "Basic" web hosting subscription)
  • Installation and Technical Support for Shopping Carts and eCommerce Web Sites

A web hosting and ecommerce application specialist will help you to develop and maintain a professional web site. We are skilled in web design, programming, payment gateways and order processing.

- Flexible plans to suite your needs -
Pay by credit card, PayPal or by check. Pay monthly or semiannually.

Web Hosting Subscriptions
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Services are typically set up within 24 hours.
1 Month 6

Basic Web Hosting - for one domain
This subscription is recommended for start-up sites and web sites that do not occupy a large amount of disk space or generate large amounts of bandwidth. The plan includes all of the features needed to start-up a web site and run a shopping cart or other server-side software. It is limited to one mailbox and one database.



Standard Web Hosting - for one domain
This is our most popular web hosting subscription. The disk space and bandwidth allowances are adequate for most online businesses unless there is an unusual amount of large image files, unusually large downloadable product files, or very high traffic.
Unlimited mailboxes and databases
Installation and support for shopping cart



Business Web Hosting - unlimited domains
This web hosting plan allows the administrator to add and delete domains and to set privileges for each domain. Recommended for online businesses that maintain more than a few web sites.
Unlimited domains, mailboxes and databases
Installation and support for shopping cart



Professional Web Hosting - unlimited domains
This plan allows the administrator to add and delete domains and to set privileges for each domain. Recommended for developers, resellers, and businesses where multiple sites are managed and/or more capacity is needed.
Unlimited domains, mailboxes and databases
Installation and support for shopping cart



Free Domain Registration

Click here to register your domain names.

  • Free domain registration for domains that are hosted by
  • Domain registration fees paid will be deducted from web hosting fees for the hosted domains.
  • State-of-the-art Online Domain Management Tools
  • Safe and Secure Online Domain Service - 24/7/365 Chat, eMail and Phone Support

Keep It Simple - Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage Policy

Web hosting is hopefully a long term relationship. The ideal senario is to create a web site once and never have to move it. Before we went into the web hosting business, we tried a few hosting services and had to move due to problems on their servers. We had many web sites and databases and it was a hassle every time we had to move until we found a dedicated server service provider who provides the level of service that we need. We manage the domains on the servers and manages the hardware, network and operating system. LunarPages has the right equipment and 24/7 manpower to monitor and respond within a few moments if there is trouble with any of our servers or their local network. We are free to fulfill our primary mission, which is to support our clients at the domain and application level with a primary focus on ecommerce.

Our primary goal in web hosting service is to provide a safe and reliable environment for small to medium size online businesses and to provide business software and resources. The rates that we charge are averaged out to be fair and consistent with the cost of providing high quality service. We see working relationships with our customers in a long term sense and we do NOT track daily usage details or charge for every overage. We like to keep it simple. This is why we have adopted the Keep It Simple policy.

Each plan has a disk space and bandwidth allowance . The allowances do not affect or limit the capacity of the domains. The allowance settings are to alert us if disk space or bandwidth exceeds expected levels. This helps us to monitor the server for unusual activity and to balance the server load.

If your domain usage exceeds a preset allowance , we may monitor the domain to see if there is trouble and to see if the usage continues at the same level. If there is no trouble and it is a temporary usage, no action is taken. If the increased usage continues, then we will offer to upgrade your hosting plan to a plan that includes higher allowances. Alternatively, we will bill you for overages based on the amount of disk space or bandwidth used. In some cases we may make an adjustment, for instance if your site uses an overage of bandwidth, but it uses very little disk space or visa versa, we may simply adjust the disk and bandwidth allowances to be more in line with the average usage. Sometimes we will increase disk space or bandwidth allowances as a thank you gift for long term customer loyalty. We see our hosted clients as long term working relationships, which should be nurtured and taken care of, not badgered with petty charges and fees. We like to Keep It Simple. More about our rates and fees...

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