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Logo Design

A logo is one of the main vehicles for consistently communicating a company's image and for gaining attention and recognition. The logo creation (or modification) process usually occurs only once or twice in the lifetime of a small business. For most people, it is best to have a skilled graphic artist develop an attractive, yet simple logo and create several sizes and formats that can be displayed in web pages, publications, ads and correspondence. Below are some guidelines for creating a logo.

The logo design process starts with a graphic image , which can be rendered from a picture or from artwork. It is best to keep the graphic simple with identifiable, visually appealing lines. Starting with a stock image or artwork will reduce your logo design costs. Creation of custom artwork from scratch will typically increase the cost of your logo design sustantially.

Text is then added . There are hundreds of text fonts available. Choose one or more that will enhance the visual appeal of the graphic and that will also be appropriate for your type of business. Custom font development is considered artwork and will increase your logo development cost.

Colors are applied in layers . A simple two-color logo can usually be produced within a small budget if the design satisfies the above guidelines. The more colors that are added, the more time it takes to refine each layer, which will increase your design cost. A full color design packs the most visual punch and will add further to the cost of development and production.

Have our graphic artist professionally design a logo for your business.

The Logo Design Process


Free consultation and estimate.

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A proposal is submitted to you outlining the steps and cost. A nonrefundable, 25 percent deposit is typically requested before the design process begins.


Rough drafts are produced by our graphic artist from your input and suggestions. For a typical logo design, this takes about a week. Depending on your needs and our workload, we can often accommodate faster turnaround times.


The rough drafts will be submitted to you for your input and approval. At this time, you will select one basic concept for us to focus on.


After a rough draft design is accepted and approved, we will refine the image. This usually takes from one day to a week, depending on your needs and our workload. The revised image is submitted for your review. This step may be repeated if necessary.


Upon final approval, we will produce the finished product in file formats appropriate for your needs. We usually provide you with a TIFF file and a JPEG image for basic on-line and in-office uses. Typically we also provide a Photoshop file for use by your pre-press or printing service provider. We can provide files in a variety of additional formats to accommodate specific needs, but in some cases there may be an additional charge.

The finished image sizes will be approximately 900 pixels wide unless you, your print shop, or webmaster request otherwise. Smaller files can also be included upon request. It is always better to start out with a larger image and reduce it rather than enlarge a smaller image.


We will deliver the finished image files to you via download or on a CD. If delivered on CD, we will provide two copies: one to archive and one to send to your press shop.

Payment in full is expected upon delivery of the finished product.

For a free initial consultation or estimate, contact us

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