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Optimize Images

Images used within web pages must be reduced to 72 pixels per inch and should be resized to fit the location on the page. Un-optimized image files may cause pages to load slowly. If the images don't fit the place where they appear on the page, they may appear distorted. Image processing for web pages is usually done on a local computer before uploading images to the server. Resizing and optimizating images to use within web pages typically requires an image processing program such as Adobe PhotoShop.

Note: Images that are uploaded through AShop Deluxe are automatically optimized to 72 pixels per inch and resized to fit the location on the page.* The program does this for each product within the shopping cart when the images are uploaded. This can be a big time saver when adding a large number of products to the shopping cart.
* GD or ImageMagick ( PHP library tools) must be installed on the server to support automatic image optimization by AShop Deluxe. ImageMagick is installed globally on servers.

Basic Steps To Prepare Graphics For Web Pages


Resize The Image - Keep your original images in a safe folder so that if you need them again, they will be fully intact. Avoid enlarging images as you will lose resolution and end up with a muddy looking picture. It is always better to start with a large image file and reduce it. The images should be no larger in dimensions than is necessary to achieve the desired visual effect.


Enhance The Image - Usually changing the size of a rastor graphic causes some distortion of the image. There are many methods of cleaning up and enhancing your images so that they appear sharp, bright, and clear after they have been reduced in size and depth. The methods include adjustments to contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, and sharpness. For best results, we use Adobe Photoshop.


Reduce File Size - The download time for a web page is dependent on the amount of data that the page contains. A few large image files will slow the download time down to a crawl on slow connections. In order to shorten the download time and reduce bandwidth, graphics are reduced in file size before inserting into web pages.

Note: Image optimization and resizing is included in our full service web design service .

Create box and ebook graphics.

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